Bargain hunter and gatherer

Here hedonists get their money´s worth of crown caps, beer mats and bottle labels. And that nearly for nothing!


„Schnick Schnack Schluck*“ - the officially beer mat!

Please send us an addressed and stamped (1,45 € stamp) C5-envelope with
the keyword „Schnick Schnack Schluck“ and we will send you the
correspondent beer mat for your tournament at home or in your Gaffel pub or

More information for Schnick Schnack Schluck please find on Facebook

* a German wordplay for rock, paper, scissors, according to „Fli-Fla-Flu“ or
„Ro Sham Bo“

What you can find here, is free of charge.

We would be glad to send you Gaffel-beer mats, -crown caps or -bottle labels
in limited edtion. Please just print the PDF document, fill it in, sign it and
send it stamped (1,45 € stamp) and addressed with C5-envelope to the below
mentioned address.

Download PDF