Gaffels SonnenHopfen

New in the product range: Gaffels SonnenHopfen - a top-fermented summer beer which is brewed according to the German Purity Law.

Gaffel Light

Gaffel Light is reduced by 50% alcohol and by more than 40% calories.

Gaffel Frei

Gaffel Frei has the typical Gaffel‘s fine sharp, full-bodied taste, but no alcohol.


MAMMA NERO is the new, truly Colognian herb liqueur from Gaffel, containing one hundred carefully balanced herbs and spices from the Cologne region and around the world.

Plüsch Prumm

PLÜSCH PRUMM is made of 15 % alcohol and 85 % fruit juice. Directly at the tree, each „Calanada-peach“ is enwrapped in a proctective cover after two months of maturity.

Gaffel Koelsch

The classic Gaffel Koelsch is a fresh Cologne beer speciality which is brewed according to the German Purity Law.


The key to success of MAMMA NERO is going on.
SCHWESTER HERZ is the perfect extension of the Gaffel-spirits-products. For the maceration of SCHWESTER HERZ we also use top-quality...


There is an alternative to the old-fashioned rye spirit:
Gaffels innovative beer spirit! PAPA RHEIN is made of original Gaffel Kölsch mash.

Gaffels Fassbrause

Gaffels Fassbrause is the thirst quencher for modern, active, diet and health-conscious people which is non-alcoholic, refreshing, fruity sharp and semi-sweet.