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Gaffel Shop

Gaffel Koelsch does not taste only excellent, it is a real treat for all your senses. Beside our products you can find also fashion and leisure
items, gifts, accessories and much more in our shop.

Shirt shop

Show a flag and wear our brand Gaffel on your shirt.

Sports shop

Welcome to our Gaffel Koelsch sports shop: Here you can find the „Gaffel for Fans“. The Fan-Koelsch is a special offer for active football (soccer) players. For unbeatable 299 Euro you can get 14 player jerseys as well as 14 player trousers. Of course, the jerseys can be ordered also one by one.

Tickets - Jeck im Sunnesching

Order your tickets for Jeck im Sunnesching directly here in the Gaffel Shop on www.koelnticket.de


The real Gaffel enthusiast adores suitable clothing for a barbecue party. The pinafore can be individually imprinted with your name.

Bargain hunter and gatherer

Here hedonists get their money´s worth of crown caps, beer mats and bottle labels. And that nearly for nothing!