Gaffel SonnenHopfen

New is the Gaffel SonnenHopfen in our product family. This unique summer beer is mild and tastes tangy refreshingly. The top-fermented unfiltered hop beer is brewed with Citra hop of a year, according to the German Purity Law. The hop is imported from the sunny Yakima Valley in the northwest of the USA. This growing area is famous for exquisite wine and high-quality nature hop.
This new hop type impresses by its fruity flavour.

Gaffel and the passion of brewing beer

When in 1908 the brewery "In der Gaffel” opened, it quickly got around Cologne that the Becker family brews full-flavoured, top-fermented beer.
Very soon the first restaurant owners received the permission to offer this beer. This opened a new business field for the small Becker brewery and it very soon became a midsize company. Despite all the changes and adaption to up to date processes, one thing remains the same: the passion of brewing beer, which always inspires the family to be creative with new ideas. After the big success of Gaffels Fassbrause they developed a beer called „Gaffel SonnenHopfen“, which is a refreshing alternative to any kind of wheat beer.


Citra: The hop from the Yakima Valley

The top fermented unfiltered Gaffel SonnenHopfen is brewed with Citra hop from the sunny Yakima Valley. This growing area is famous for exquisite wines and high quality hops and is located in Washington State. Close to 80% of the US hops come from this region which is the second largest hop growing area after Hallertau in Germany. The Citra hop grows on a relatively small area and therefore the amount of hops is limited. Gaffel has already reserved quantity of crops for the coming years. To guarantee a very stable quality of Gaffel SonnenHopfen, only hops from a specific year are used. The consistency of the soil and the quantity of sun and rain have an enormous influence on the quality of hops as well as on the a grape-vines.

Hops: The soul of beer

Hops are the soul of beer, therefore they are also called „green gold“. They are responsible for the taste, the foam and the expiry date of a beer. Bitter hops are added during a specific brewing process. The more the brew master adds
the bitter and stronger the beer will taste. Aromatic hops, like the Citra hop,
will be added at the end of the brewing process, this guarantees the fine
1 aroma. The decision which hops and at what time of the process it will be
used, is very important for the taste of the beer.

Gaffel Yeast

The brewer creates the wort, the yeast defines the character. The reason is that yeast converts malt sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Thus the yeast is very important and essential for the taste and flavour of the beer. Common known are the bottom-fermented yeast (after the fermentation the yeast drops to the bottom of the fermenting vats), which is used for brewing Pils beer. Others are the top-fermented yeast (after the fermentation the yeast rises to the surface of the fermenting vats), which is used for Koelsch and wheat beer. Yeast who is particularly suitable for the brewing process can be ordered from so-called „Hefebanken“ - central companies which offer different kinds of yeast in big quantities. On the opposite, Gaffel creates their own cultures. This Gaffel yeast has its own characteristic, so we can offer an excellent beer.