This is the most marvellous Cologne idiom for „smooth plum“, actually it is the peach we are talking about. The juicy sweet fruit is the symbol for eternal beauty, youth and love. In China they even swear it has an aphrodisiac effect with all its temptations. In the western world too, the peach has an erotic charisma. In any case our PLÜSCH PRUMM is a great pleasure for all kind of senses. This flavour makes you wish for more.

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Product group Spirits, Cologne peach liquer
Base Maceration of fruit juice with hard liquor made in two destillation processes
Characteristics Natural fruit juice from Spanish peach harvest, long time maturity of the maceration
Recommendation PLÜSCH PRUMM can be used just for great pleasure or as an aperitif
Alcohol content 15% vol.


You can buy PLÜSCH PRUMM in the Gaffel Shop at Cologne Cathedral or order it here in the Gaffel Online Shop.