There is an alternative to the old-fashioned rye spirit:
Gaffels innovative beer spirit! PAPA RHEIN is made of original Gaffel Kölsch mash. That means, water from our own spring, Rhinish malting barley and hops extract. The slightly herb aroma of the natural ingredients will be preserved at a firing temperature
of 70 degrees Celsius.


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Category Spirits, Cologne beer spirit
Composition Twice distilled, made from „Gaffels Kölsch“ mash
Characteristics Natural ingredients: Water, Rhinish malting barley, hops or hops extract
Recommendation PAPA RHEIN could be used as digestif or together with Gaffel Kölsch
Alcohol content 38 Vol. %


25ml fresh lemon
20ml sugar syrup 1:1,5
1/2 fresh mandarin orange
6-8 leaves of fresh mint

Shake - double strain - highball glass on the rocks
On top fill approx. 40ml Gaffel - then stir once

Decoration: Mint, wedges of mandarin orange