There is an alternative to the old-fashioned rye spirit:
Gaffels innovative beer spirit! PAPA RHEIN is made of original Gaffel Kölsch mash. That means, water from our own spring, Rhinish malting barley and hops extract. The slightly herb aroma of the natural ingredients will be preserved at a firing temperature
of 70 degrees Celsius.


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Category Spirits, Cologne beer spirit
Composition Twice distilled, made from „Gaffels Kölsch“ mash
Characteristics Natural ingredients: Water, Rhinish malting barley, hops or hops extract
Recommendation PAPA RHEIN could be used as digestif or together with Gaffel Kölsch
Alcohol content: 38 Vol. %


Probably no other river in Europe is known for so many mythical stories: The Rhine, which our forefathers called RHENUS PATER („Papa or father Rhine“).

Celtic and Germanic tribes venerated him as a God, to be save from high water.
As a ritual, they held their newborn children into the cold water and sacrificed him beer. In times of Romantisicm, the forgotten legends found a revival and became very famous in poetry and lyrics.


PAPA RHEIN is made of the original Gaffel Kölsch. The twice-distilled creation is an exclusively, soft-malted beer spirit with a delicate touch of hops and dedicated to the beloved river god „PAPA RHEIN“.