MAMMA NERO is the new, truly Colognian herb liqueur from Gaffel, containing one hundred carefully balanced herbs and spices from the Cologne region and around the world.
The semi-sweet liqueur has a mild alcohol volume of 30 percent and is characterised by its soft fruity and spicy flavour.
Mamma Nero is an homage to the mother of Emperor Nero, Julia Agrippina (Agrippina the Younger). She is considered the founder of Cologne and is symbolised by the maiden in the "Dreigestirn" (triumvirate) during Cologne Carnival.

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Product group Spirituosen, Kölscher Kräuterlikör
Base Spiced plant oil, turned into liquer with highpercentage distillate
Special characteristics >100 carefully selected, natural ingredients and spices, the plant oil is matured for a long time
Recommendation MAMMA NERO is best drunk straight or over ice
Alcohol content Alcohol 30% vol.


Gaffel master brewer Reiner Radke has created a truly Colognian herb liqueur which deserves this name because, if nothing else, it is made with real Cologne water from the brewery’s own well, which is over 100 metres deep and located in the Eigelstein area of Cologne.

The alcohol used for MAMMA NERO is also unique. It is distilled using an intricate procedure directly from original Gaffel Kölsch beer. The mash used for beer creates very pure alcohol, which does not contain any “fusel oils”. To achieve  a higher concentration, the alcohol from the Gaffel Kölsch is distilled twice, and thus cleaned a second time. As a result, the product is based on a high-quality, refined alcohol, and potential “after-effects” are reduced significantly.

The purity of the alcohol distilled from Gaffel Kölsch is of a quality that less advanced distilleries rarely achieve, or only achieve with a great deal of technical expense.
In the subsequent “maceration” process, the herbs and spices selected for 
MAMMA NERO are preserved for several weeks in this alcohol, to release their active ingredients and flavours.

Altogether, MAMMA NERO contains 100 carefully balanced herbs and spices from the Cologne region and around the world. This composition reflects the diversity of our cathedral city and the eventful history of the well-visited commercial and cultural metropolis.

The exact recipe remains a well-kept secret of the Heinrich Becker family.
At present, each and every bottle is filled by hand in Eigelstein in Cologne, under the supervision of the master brewer, and provided with a paper seal.