MAMMA NERO is the new, truly Colognian herb liqueur from Gaffel, containing one hundred carefully balanced herbs and spices from the Cologne region and around the world.
The semi-sweet liqueur has a mild alcohol volume of 30 percent and is characterised by its soft fruity and spicy flavour.
Mamma Nero is an homage to the mother of Emperor Nero, Julia Agrippina (Agrippina the Younger). She is considered the founder of Cologne and is symbolised by the maiden in the "Dreigestirn" (triumvirate) during Cologne Carnival.

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Product group Spirituosen, Kölscher Kräuterlikör
Base Spiced plant oil, turned into liquer with highpercentage distillate
Special characteristics >100 carefully selected, natural ingredients and spices, the plant oil is matured for a long time
Recommendation MAMMA NERO is best drunk straight or over ice
Alcohol content Alcohol 30% vol.


The beauty of the label lies in its simple yet striking design. 
It takes the traditional visual world of herb liqueurs into a new era. 
The memorable picture on the label is reminiscent of a maritime flag and thus Cologne’s importance as a medieval Hanseatic city. 
The label shows the red and white combination immortalised in the municipal coat of arms, complemented by a strong blue, which reflects the Gaffel company colour and the traditional outfit of the “Köbes”, the waiter who serves Kölsch in Cologne’s breweries. But above all the colour signifies “Cologne Blue”, which was famous in the Middle Ages and highly sought-after throughout Europe owing to its unique colour intensity.

The heavy, high-quality MAMMA NERO glass bottle is manufactured in France. It is reminiscent of a traditional apothecary bottle, and invokes a time when herb liqueurs were sold by apothecaries and monasteries as medicines.

MAMMA NERO is sold by Privatbrauerei Gaffel, Becker & Co. OHG under the manufacturer’s brand “Gaffel Spirits”.