Gaffels Fassbrause

Gaffels Fassbrause is modern thirst quencher for active and health-conscious people. It’s non-alcoholic, refreshing, fruity sharp and semi-sweet and contains essential vitamins, minerals and dextrose. Of course it’s free of artificial flavours, flavour enhancers, preservatives and artificial colours. Please find further information on

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Category Refreshing, non-alcoholic soft drink
Flavour Lemon und orange
Composition 70% lemon-/orange-limonade and 30% non-alcoholic beer
Nutricines It is rich in vitamines B+C, minerals and folic acid
Non-alcoholic 0.0 Vol.-%
Calorific value 112 kJ (26 kcal) pro 100 ml

Gaffels Fassbrause is pure refreshment

No artificial flavours. No flavour enhancers. No non-natural additives.
Just pure lemon or orange refreshment.  And so it will remain. End of the story!

Das Rheinische Original

Only Gaffels Fassbrause is „Das Rheinische Original“. The original from the Rhine river.
Not without reason. As we launched Gaffels Fassbrause in April 2010, some were sceptical. Many breweries are looking for new products to compensate the declining beer sale. You hardly find any big brewery not producing some kind of beer-based mixed drinks.

Of course, the private brewery Gaffel is also affected by the declining beer market. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to produce just another beer mix with our special Gaffel Kölsch. We wanted to create a unique product, not found in the market yet. And we did.

Since 2010 many breweries tried to imitate our Fassbrause. Get your own picture of Gaffels Fassbrause. Taste and compare. You will find out very quickly that Gaffels Fassbrause is „Das Rheinische Original“.

What makes Gaffels Fassbrause extraordinary

Admitted, we have not reinvented the world with Gaffels Fassbrause, but maybe a little. We simply did not want to introduce just another beer mix onto the market. We wanted to create something new, something unique and in best quality. To match our private brewery and our premium beer. So Gaffels Fassbrause was born.

Gaffels Fassbrause is produced with reduced-calorie, alcohol-free beer and fresh orangeade. That is the reason why this mixture is so special. Gaffels Fassbrause is not just a beer-based mixed drink, but a fruity-sharp, aromatic thirst quencher with healthy vitamines and minerals. 

Lemon cheers you up

Beer with lemonade has always been very popular in Germany.  Lemon flavor hamonizes excellently with the smooth-bitter freshness of beer.
Lemons have been cultivated in Europe since the 13th century. First in Sicily and Spain. Cultivation in Germany started in the second half of the 16th century. As we know today, even in medieval recipes lemons had been used.
The sweet and sour taste does not only go with spicy food - it gives your beverages the final touch. For good reason, a slice of lemon very often is served with cool drinks.

Orange is pure refreshment

Why oranges? The typical citrus fruits are still the purest and best refresher at all.  

In the 15th century the first sweet oranges appeared in Europe and were cultivated in Portugal first. Ever since, they have always been known for their fruity sweet and refreshing taste and their high nutrition value.
100g of oranges contain 50mg of vitamin C. The recommended daily requirement of vitamin C is 60mg. One bottle of „Gaffels Fassbrause Orange“ covers your daily vitamin C minimum.

The Fassbrause refreshment factor

The perfect drinking temperature of Gaffel‘s Fassbrause is 3-6° Celsius.
You can imagine the refreshment factor with every sip of Gaffel‘s
Fassbrause approximately so: Jump into a cold clear mountain lake at an
outside temperature of 28 °C. Just pure refreshment.