CASCARA Sparkling

Since centuries, the coffee farmer drink tea made from the husk of the coffee cherries. In some  coffee producing countries in Central and South America, Cascara is the national beverage. In Nicaragua, the amber-coloured drink is also called coffeetea. CASCARA Sparkling is a future trend of this tea brew.

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Category caffeinated fresh drink
Flavour Fruity, slightly sweet tea aroma, refreshingly sparkling
Composition Cascara tea brew, enriched with organic juice and sparkling mineral water
Added benefit vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free
Calorific value 16 kcal/100 ml
Caffeine 26 mg/100 ml


Cascara Sparkling
24 X 0,33l bottles

Cascara Sparkling

6 X 0,33l bottles

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