Gaffel Koelsch maintenance tips

From enjoyment to pure enjoyment
If you aren’t satisfied with just drinking your Gaffel Koelsch and you want to really enjoy the delicately bitter, fresh taste, then you should adhere to the following Gaffel Koelsch maintenance tips

Koelsch tips

Make sure its fresh
Always drink your Gaffel Koelsch fresh. Pay attention to the expiration date on the label or on the bottom of the can. You should never store Gaffel for longer than 6 months, because after this time period the Koelsch will lose more and more of its flavour. The connoisseur normally keeps a supply for 8 to 12 weeks.

Store it cool and dark
Keg and bottle beer should be protected from extreme variances in temperature. Bottle beer should also be protected from sunlight and even from harsh artificial lighting. Warmth and light both impair the flavour of the beer.

Like every beer, Koelsch is a “shade lover” that should be kept in cool, shady stores instead of out in the open or near display windows. Once you have your Koelsch at home, you should keep it in the cellar rather than on the balcony.

The storage temperature should not exceed 9° Celsius in the summer and should not drop below 5° Celsius in the winter. Otherwise the Koelsch could actually expire more quickly than the expiry date suggests.

Keep calm
Avoid shaking up the beer at all costs. You have to be careful not to get too excited about drinking it. A quiet hiss upon opening the bottle is a good sign and makes the beer all the more appetizing. Keg beer should be allowed to sit for at least half a day before being tapped.


Find the right temperature
The optimum temperature for drinking Gaffel Koelsch is between 6° and 8° Celsius. The refrigerator temperature should still be 2° Celsius lower than this, because Koelsch warms up slightly when it flows from the bottle or tap.

If the fridge is full due to a summer garden party, then the Gaffel Koelsch bottles can be temporarily placed in a bath tub full of cold water.

The best way to keep kegs cold is with bags of ice cubes and/or with wet towels. Shock cooling in the freezer, quick warming under hot water or in the microwave (apparently this has actually happened) is not only foolish, it could also cause stomach problems.


Tap the keg well
Proceed as follows to create a refreshing flow instead of a wet shower of beer: Place the wooden taps in water for a while before use. The closed tap with a damp rubber ring is then inserted in the lower keg opening and hammered into the keg with one or two solid hits.

You have to be careful at first because the pressure inside the keg is very high. Only when the pressure diminishes and the flow of Koelsch begins to dwindle is it time to hammer in a counterbalance valve or a second tap.


Glasses have to be clean
Protect your glasses from dust, cooking vapours or smoke and don’t just keep your glasses clean, keep them clear. Even if they are free of dust and dirt, they may be contaminated with invisible fat and soap residues. These residues form a thin film on the glasses which results in the foam head of the beer quickly collapsing or not forming at all. Always clean and rinse your glasses with clean water. The best method is to use hot running water and a small brush or sponge specifically designed for the beer glasses.

Special harmless cleaning tabs or liquid additives (i.e. Becharein 2000) that even do the job in cold water can be ordered from specialist stores. You can recognize a well cleaned glass by the unbroken film of water on its walls when it is removed from the water. Single drops are visible proof of glasses which have not been cleaned properly.

We also suggest that you not dry or polish your Gaffel Koelsch glasses with a kitchen towel. Just let the glasses dry in the air. Water spots are not a problem and they disappear when you rinse the glass out with clear water before the next use, as is recommended.


Tap or pour the beer skilfully

Do not let Gaffel Koelsch flow into a warm, dry glass. Instead rinse the glass first with cold water. This improves the quality of the foam head. Hold the glass at an angle to the tap or bottle and let the Koelsch flow along the glass wall until the foam head has reached the upper edge of the glass. Put the glass down for a moment so the foam can settle a bit. Now add some more beer and form a nice, firm head. Never dip the tap or bottle tip in the beer, because this causes air to be pushed into the Koelsch and carbon dioxide to be released.
Do not combine two partially full glasses. Two stale beers do not make a fresh one.

Never dip the tap or bottle tip in the beer, because this causes air to be pushed into the Koelsch and carbon dioxide to be released. Do not combine two partially full glasses. Two stale beers do not make for one fresh one.

A 7-minute pils is punishment; a 7 minute Koelsch is a mortal sin.

Remember: Gaffel Koelsch tastes best if you first pour it in two steps (see above) and then serve it just as quickly.

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